Square D 9012 ACW-2 M11 реле давления

Промышленное реле давления Square D 9012 ACW-2 M11.

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Вес Square D 9012ACW2M11: 1,497 кг

Class 9012
Type ACW
Bellows actuated pressure switches
For use on Air, Oil, Water, other liquids and Gases. Ingress Protection IP65  (IEC 144)
Single pole – double throw contacts (1NO+1NC)

Range setting

Switch can be adjusted to operate on Falling pressure within this range

Adjustable Differential

Add to range setting to obtain operating point on Rising pressure

Maximum allowable pressure Order
Class 9012Type
Bars PSI Bars PSI Bars PSI
0,7 – 20 10 – 300 1,7 – 8,6 25 – 125 41 600 ACW-2

Connection data
Pressure connection: G1⁄4N to BS2779
Conduit (Electrical) entry: Form M11 (standard), 20mm Iso metric

Industrial Pressure Switch Square D 9012 ACW-2 M11